Published on 05/20/2017 10:15 pm
Best New Volkswagen Cars For Families

Volkswagen, "the someones car, " has come a long ways since the early days of the 1950's and '60s when the Beetle, the Bus, and Karmen Ghia where the only models available in the U. T. The market was young, advanced buyers with value on the minds, not a roomy, luxurious ride. Now, VW offers at least 12 models that appeal to families and travelers alike. In case you are searching for a well-designed car to support your active family, Camp Hill New 2017 Volkswagen Passat can meet the demand.

What makes for a good family vehicle? Considering that households often tote multiple kids, baby gear, sporting equipment, a great deal of groceries, and more, an appropriate choice is a vehicle that offers a safe, comfortable ride with plenty of room to cater to several people and their belongings. For parents who must fasten small children into car seats, an excellent family car is also easy to enter and exit.

When the back seats are down or removed, all models double their capacity, but the Jetta continues to have the biggest capacity at sixty six. 9 cft. With most models, you can modify the seats to further improve the amount of freight space and legroom.

Across all model lines, Volkswagens have fantastic safety rankings. Though not all models have undergone full impact testing by the NHTSA, the Tiajuan and Jetta have 4 of 5 stars for rollover. The Tiguan rated 5 superstars for side crashes and 3 for front failures. In 2013, the Jetta received the most notable Safety Pick and choose award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Protection. All three models have airbags for the front and rear seats, plus side curtain and part head curtain airbags for safety.

With the increasing age and weight requirements for child car seat usage, parents desire a vehicle that easily accommodates child car seats and booster seats for smaller travellers.

All models accommodate three of these devices in the back seat without the adult needing to be a contortionist to buckle in the kids or losing an excessive amount of front chair legroom. If you are thinking of buying any of these three vehicles, an online search will offer plenty of convincing articles and forum discussions to guide your decision and convince you that VOLKS WAGEN has put plenty of thought into child-friendly designs. Your Chambersburg New 2017 Volkswagen Beetle also stocks infant and child seats so as to even experience using them in the showroom.

With 3 great family cars to select from, your choice comes down to preference and budget. By test-driving the Tiguan, Jetta Sportswagen and Touareg at your local car dealership, you can decide whether you want SUV or wagon styling. With prices starting at $20, 795 for the Jetta, $22, 995 for the Tiguan and $43, 995 for the Touareg, you can find a great ride at a great price. With flexible Volkswagen financing and leasing programs available, you can take home the family friendly car of your dreams.

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